About Invitel Group

Invitel Group is a key player on the Hungarian telecommunications and ICT markets. The Group consists of two core pillars: Invitel Telecommunications Zrt., which offers high quality television, Internet and phone services to retail and SME customers; and Invitech Solutions Zrt., which provides professional, e.g. data centre and cloud services to larger business players and institutions. The two companies are supported with administrative services by Invitel Central Services Zrt., also part of the Group, to ensure a more efficient operation focusing on customer requirements.

The Group, which has over 20 years of experience and was created from the merger of numerous former telecommunications companies, has been operating under the Invitel brand name since 2003, and will continue its operation under the above structure as of June 30, 2016. Invitel Group has always been characterised by the ability of continuous renewal, building on its own developments, the knowledge base put together through the co-operation of numerous professional areas, as well as its committed and professional workforce comprising of hundreds of specialists. By now the Group provides high-quality services to close to 500 thousand residential and SME customers, over 6 thousand businesses and institutional clients, as well as 250 additional wholesale partners.

Invitel Telecommunications Zrt., which offers a wide range of television, Internet and phone services to residential and SME customers, reaches close to one third of Hungarian households. Half of these, close to 600 thousand households, can already access the company’s most up-to-date services. The company is known amongst households for its interactive, digital, television, fast Internet and reliable phone services, but it also offers Internet, phone, public TV services and other, additional telecommunication packages tailored to the needs of small businesses.

As a specialist partner, Invitech Solutions Zrt., responsible for serving SMEs, corporates as well as institutional and wholesale customers to a high professional standard, not only offers solutions to partial professional issues, but, with the help of its vast nation-wide network, can also find comprehensive answers to complex business challenges, thus ensuring that the ICT and telecommunications needs of customers are fully met. The company’s versatile IT, data centre and cloud services, alongside with its data transmission and telecommunications services are relied upon, amongst others, by telecommunications companies, healthcare and financial institutions, companies in the energy sector and transportation businesses.

Invitel Group aims to make even the most up-to-date technologies accessible in day-to-day life, placing its clients and partners in the focus of its operation.

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