Invitel Group

Top management

David Blunck
CEO, Chairman of the Board

David Blunck has held the position of Invitel Group’s Chief Executive Officer since early 2015. Previously, starting from September, 2012, he acted as the Company's Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Invitel Group he held senior finance positions with Colt Technology Services, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines in the United Kingdom and the United States. David Blunck studied at Georgetown University (USA), and earned an MBA from Indiana University (USA).

Áron Javorniczky 
COO, Invitech Solutions, Member of the Board

Áron Javorniczky has been heading the Corporate and Wholesale Business Unit of Invitel Group (Invitech Solutions) since 2014. He started his career in the Group in 2004, continuing as Strategic Advisor from 2005 and Business Development Manager from 2006. From 2008 he was responsible for the management of technical, marketing and content development areas linked to Invitel Group's television services. From 2010, he worked as the company’s Director of Business Development, and, prior to his present appointment, from May, 2012 he held the position of Head of Strategy and Special Projects at Invitel. Áron Javorniczky obtained his degree in economics from the Budapest College of Communications, studied at the University of Tampa in the United States, and, most recently, completed the Executive MBA programme of the Central European University. 

Marianne Langsteiner 
 COO, Invitel Zrt.,Member of the Board

Marianne Langsteiner has been heading Invitel Group's Residential and Small Business Unit since early 2015. Previously, from 2012, she worked as Invitel Group's Residential Marketing Director. She was responsible for the creation of a client-focused and competitive product portfolio, and the development of services in line with customer requirements. She has two decades’ experience in the domestic telecommunications sector.

Marianne Langsteiner qualified as a certified Economist in the legal predecessor institution of Budapest Corvinus University. She then obtained a diploma of electrical engineering from the Kandó Kálmán Technical College of Electrical Engineering. She held senior positions in Magyar Telekom and its predecessor companies. She worked as Marketing Director for T-Mobile and for the T-Home business unit from 2005 and 2008 respectively, taking responsibility, amongst others, for the rebranding of what was formerly known as Westel. Before joining Invitel Group, she was Marketing Director of MALÉV Hungarian Airlines.

Gerald Grace
 CFO, Invitel Központi Szolgáltatások Zrt., [Central Services], member of the Board

Gerald Grace has been CFO of Invitel Group since September, 2017. He has over 20 years' experience in the international telecommunications sector. Prior to joining Invitel he was CFO of UK based hosting and managed service provider Six Degrees Group Limited.  Earlier in his career he was CFO of GTS Central Europe and he also worked at Cable and Wireless London (Internal Auditor) and KPMG Dublin (External Auditor).
Gerald is a qualified Chartered Accountant (Ireland) and has a degree in Business Studies from the University of Limerick and a Masters in Accounting and Finance from University College Dublin. 

Ferenc Majzik 
 Residential and Small Business Sales Director

Ferenc Majzik  has been Head of Invitel Zrt.'s Residential and Small Business Sales Unit since 2016. Previously he spent close to two decades on the domestic telecommunications market. He graduated as an Economist from the Budapest Corvinus University, then worked in the Sales Department of Pepsi Cola Hungary Kft. He obtained telecommunications experience in Magyar Telekom, where, starting from 1998, he held various senior sales positions for over 10 years. Following this, he worked at Telenor, first as Regional Manager and later as Small Business Sales Manager. Prior to joining Invitel, he held the position of Advisory and Sales Project Manager at T-Systems.

Bálint Béres 
 Director of Residential and Small Business Customer Services

Bálint Béres has served as  Director of Residential and Small Business Customer Services at Invitel Zrt. since 2011. He joined Invitel in 2005. Initially, he was responsible for managing the customer service activities of the residential and small business unit. Bálint has been working in telecommunications since 1994. Initially he was Call Centre Manager at Westel 900, proceeding to the position of Deputy Director of Customer Services. Following this, starting from the year 2000, he was Customer Service Director at Axelero. Prior to joining Invitel, he was heading the Help Desk of Wincor Nixdorf.

István Iski 
 Residential and Small Business Marketing Director

István Iski has served as Invitel Group's Residential and Small Business Marketing Director since 2015. Previously, in 2012-2014 he was Head of Product management and Development at Invitel.  Between 2006-2012, István held various positions in Magyar Telekom and its parent organisation in product and business development, finishing this period as Head of the New Portfolio and Product Management Unit. István Iski graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest, in marketing and telecommunication. Following this, he obtained an MBA from the University of New York.

Attila Kovács 
 Residential and Small Business Technical Director

Attila Kovács has been Residential and Small Business Technical Director at Invitel Zrt. since November, 2017. In addition to the management of Technical Development, he is also responsible for taking care of technical operation responsibilities. He is a specialist with over 20 years’ management experience in the fixed-line telecommunications and public utility operation sector, and started his career in 1990 at Matáv Zrt. In 1995, he was appointed Head of Network Development at Bakonytel, then at UTI, later continuing as Operations Manager at Vivendi. He has been working for Invitel since 2011, first as Head of Regional Operations and later of Technical Development. Attila Kovács obtained his Masters Degree in economy from the Faculty of Economics of Pannon University in Veszprém, studying management and organisation.

László Marton 
 Director, Enterprises and Government Business Relations

László Marton, graduated in economics, is the director for enterprise and government relations of Invitech Solutions. In his current position he is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the full scope of sales activities linked to the tailor-made telecommunications and ICT solutions offered to the customers. In his earlier position as Director of ICT Business development, László Marton played a crucial role in developing the Company's ICT competences, and in launching the Company's infocommunication services. He laid the foundations of his professional and management skills during the 10 years he spent with IBM Hungary, where initially he worked in business, in the financial institutions business unit. He then went on to head the large corporate customer segment. Prior to joining Invitel, László held the position of Director and Sales Marketing  in one of Hungary's renowned system integration companies. 

Attila Barta 
Domestic Wholesale Director

Attila Barta has been heading Invitech Solutions' directorate serving domestic wholesale partners since 2016. Attila, a qualified university economist, who has been working for Invitel Group for one-and-a-half decades, obtained professional and management experience with Matáv, Ericsson and Pantel between 1995-2001. He has been working for Invitel since 2001, where he initially held various senior sales positions. As Invitel's Wholesale Director, since 2007 he has been making a significant contribution to the results of one of the Group's key business segments. 

Beatrix Kapitány 
 International Wholesale Director

Beatrix Kapitány has been heading the International Wholesale Directorate of Invitech Solutions since 2016. The Directorate was established by the Group's management with a view to further strengthening the company's international market presence.  Beatrix Kapitány has broad international management experience in developing services to business customers and managing regional market reorganisations.  Over the past years Beatrix held wholesale sales director and strategic management positions at  British Telecom, GTS and Deutsche Telekom. Beatrix Kapitány first obtained university diplomas in management and marketing, and professional translation in English. Following this, she received her MBA in corporate strategy from the University of Economics and London Business School.

Balázs Horváth 
 Director of Strategy, Business Development and Controlling

Balázs Horváth has been Head of the Strategy, Business Development and Controlling Directorate of Invitech Solutions since 2016. In addition to these key areas, his responsibilities also extend to the management of product development, acquisitions, the project management office and marketing. Balázs previously worked in the Budapest office of Boston Consulting Group for 8 years, first as Consultant and later as Project Manager. As member of the BCG telecom, media and technology practice, he supported leading large corporations in sales, marketing, BPR and strategy, in twelve countries across four continents.  Balázs Horváth obtained his MsC diploma from Corvinus University, and his MBA decree from Columbia Business School.

Zsolt Kemendi 
 Technical Director

Zsolt Kemendi has been heading the Company's network operation and ICT areas since 2016 as Technical Director at Invitech Solutions. Zsolt, who qualified in management and has broad experience in project management, IT operations and development, joined Invitel Group in April, 2012, as Head of the ICT Service organisation. Prior to joining Invitel Group, he was involved in the management international ICT projects, and also worked as head of business unit in Synergon Group.

Albert Kis
 Director of Network and Infrastructure Development

Albert Kis has held the position of Director of Network and Infrastructure Development at Invitech Solutions since October, 2017. In addition to being in charge of technical development, he is also responsible for providing technical support to the areas serving the storage segment. Albert Kis has over 20 years' management experience in the telecommunications sector. He started his career at HungaroDigiTel, and proceeded to Novacom and Pantel, where he held management positions in operations, development and IT. From 2005 he was Technical Director in the wholesale business unit of Pantel and later Invitel. Starting from 2009, he headed the technical, IT and operations units of Invitel International  and later Turk Telekom, as Deputy CEO and Member of the Board at Technology  International. Albert Kis graduated from the Technical University of Timisoara, obtaining a degree in electrical engineering. 

Dr. Balázs Fazekas 
 Head of the Legal and Regulatory Board

dr. Balázs Fazekas has been heading Invitel Group's Legal and Regulatory Board since August, 2017. Previously he practiced as a lawyer at Réczicza Dentons (Europe) LLP, and before at international law firm Réczicza White&Case LLP. There he was member and later head of two professional groups focusing on infocommunications and media (TMT), as well as intellectual rights, ICT and data protection.  He regularly advised regulatory authorities, professional and financial investors, as well as telecommunications, media and ICT companies operating in the infocommunications, media and technology sectors, covering their whole range of activities in Hungary. Balázs Fazekas graduated from the Faculty of Law of ELTE University, and later also qualified as a lawyer-economist from the legal predecessor of Corvinus University. 

Petra Jakobsen
 HR Director

Petra Jakobsen has held the position of HR Director at Invitel Group since August, 2017. Petra, who has qualifications in economics, psychology and coaching, has over 20 years' experience as a HR Manager and Director. During her career, she worked for companies such as PepsiCo, Digital Equipment (ma HP), Citibank and General Electric (in the latter she spent 13 years in HR management positions Europe-wide), Most recently, she built a modern HR organisation and processes as HR Director at Bonafarm, a company with 6000 employees.

Szilárd Szobol 
 Financial Director

Szilárd Szobol started his career at international auditor company KPMG. In 1999 he joined Déltáv Rt., a legal predecessor of Invitel, as Chief Controller. Over the past years he held a number of management positions at Invitel in finance. Parallel with this, in 2002 he was also CFO of Eurotel Rt. After 2003, he was Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis. From 2009 he worked as Financial Planning and Controlling Manager, and from 2012 he held the position of Planning and Controlling Director. Szilárd Szobol graduated as an economist from the Budapest Business School. Later he also qualified as a Chartered Accountant.


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